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of all the things i could be depressed about in the news, it's sarah palin's daughter being forced to have her baby and marry the father that gets me most. obviously i should be worried about black holes and flooding, and even other women being forced to do much worse things than this, but for some reason i find myself thinking about this poor girl more often than any other headline at the moment.

perhaps it's something to do with the glaring hypocrisy now screaming from every corner of the religious right's policies. with any luck there'll be some mighty awkward questions asked by inquisitive kids when she goes round bleating about abstinence-only sex education, but i know it'll be glossed over with the same severity as her hideous, plastic smile. you'd hope it'd make some kind of impact on voters, but many have said it doesn't affect their choice. in a country so fixated on personality politics, how it cannot is astonishing.

nor will her selection impress female republican voters. thankfully there at least the blatant attempt at grasping a particular demographic seems clear. sarah palin is a scary, scary woman, and she actually gives me the fear with her hardline pro-life attitude, so how she'll appeal to any reasonable woman is beyond comprehension. and she'll hardly be the favourite of male traditionalists, who unless they're voting with their penis will probably intensely dislike the potential for a female president. no, i'm at a loss to see who exactly mccain is aiming at here. as tragic as the situation is, i can't help but hope bristol palin will swing floating voters the other way. or at least make her horrible mother think twice about her principles.
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